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  Evarplast Mfg. Co. is the first and the only Hot Air Tools and Heating process manufacturer in Iran
After many years research and investigation regarding production of  heating process , the company started its activates for production in Semnan industrial zone ( 300 Km east of Tehran ) in 4000 m land field.

Evarplast`s qualified specialists and excellent material quality are the main elements for its production of reliable and powerful products. A reliable product is essential to a successful business delivery and customer satisfaction . Through continuous improvement processes of Evarplast we continuously gage our costomers' needs and tune our processes to deliver excellent products that match their need.

The Company is also offering solutions for heat processing problems. Our solution offers are based on dose discussions with the end user and companies to tailor make the solutions. Our vision is to offer solution that need minimum capital expenditure and operating expenditure for our customers while maximizes their service utilization and revenue.


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P.O.BOX : 35155 1359 ,

factory add  :Semnan , Iran 

Tel : +98 21 22909583

Tel/Fax: +98 21 22906621

Website : www.evarplast.com , E-mail : info@evarplast.com


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